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Ebay rolled out their new Shopping Cart feature just in time for the Holiday Season. So now it became even easier to shop. Add your item to your shopping cart, check out, or continue shopping and check out when you are ready.  There is a feature to delete an item from your shopping cart as well.

All items in your shopping cart are still available to other shoppers until you have paid for the item. So don’t forget to pay or you may still lose the item. This is especially important with one of a kind pieces, such as maxwellvintage store  is offering.  Browse and shop in the new store categories.

You can now shop for a certain look and style.

Explore, Enjoy, Be inspired with beautiful decorative pieces without decorator prices. And that is not all discover unique fashion, clocks and time pieces and so much more.

If you make an offer and it is accepted by maxwellvintage art, you will receive an  invoice from which you can pay the item with your credit card through PayPal . Payment is appreciated within 8 days of purchase. Thank you

You can now also pay immediately with Moneybookers, a very safe and easy way to pay. No sign up for you and your payment method is totally private. I will never see your credit card numbers or other personal information.  Of course your address is import, so that I can ship your beautiful item asap.  Click on moneybookers and pay easy and secure.

Questions? Of course you can always reach me by sending me a message. ♥

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Haiku Echoes of Summer
Sun wearing pink hat
Dances as summer echoes
Hearts rejoice in song

Wood Toy Violin Instrument by Jefferson Co. Inc | eBay.

Forget me Not by Bill Chance

Remember rockets red glare
bombs bursting in air
gave threw the night that our flag is still there.

Our forefathers reminder of a price to be paid and responsibility to inherit the United States.
…Rockets red glare bombs bursting in air
Words fallen on ears unwilling to hear.
deaf no more we all know now the price of freedom the price of war.

Freeborn children listen and see a new generation paying for you and me
Don’t be so blind or so deaf to the sights and sounds Americans have left,
Let freedom scream in our ears and minds never forget those left behind.
Freeborn children stand tall and see! does the banner old glory yet wave for thee