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Haiku Echoes of Summer
Sun wearing pink hat
Dances as summer echoes
Hearts rejoice in song

I love this season of lights, festive music and gift giving. Maxwellvintage has some beautiful antique, vintage and collectible items for an unusual and fun gift list. Please browse my store and enjoy. For questions please message me anytime. Enjoy this wonderful time of the year and many Blessings now and throughout to you and yours.

My name is Maxwell. My people, a nice couple, named me after they found me by the side of a busy road. My life was a little rough in the beginning… I don’t remember much, but I was smart enough to hide in a patch of Prickly Pear Cactus. Still they got to me, took me home, bathed me in the sink (I was told that I was such a tiny dog. I assure you I would not fit into any sink anymore)They flea powdered me. Oh, well. Now look at me!!! I guess you can tell they are pretty proud of me, because I turned out to be an amazing specimen of a canine. AND SOOOOO CUTE

I am very sincere about my items and customer service, but I always add a fun element in my auctions and business. So you may find the serious antique next to a fun hand puppet-or a retro orange plastic lamp. I hope you enjoy shopping with me. For any problems I am only an email away Please also always read my BUSINESS POLICY in each Listing before you bid and be sure you agree. I depend on your honesty as much as you do on mine. Thank you again.
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