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Posted: July 5, 2010 in antiques, Sculpture, Uncategorized, Unusual Jewelry
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My name is Maxwell. My people, a nice couple, named me after they found me by the side of a busy road. My life was a little rough in the beginning… I don’t remember much, but I was smart enough to hide in a patch of Prickly Pear Cactus. Still they got to me, took me home, bathed me in the sink (I was told that I was such a tiny dog. I assure you I would not fit into any sink anymore)They flea powdered me. Oh, well. Now look at me!!! I guess you can tell they are pretty proud of me, because I turned out to be an amazing specimen of a canine. AND SOOOOO CUTE

I am very sincere about my items and customer service, but I always add a fun element in my auctions and business. So you may find the serious antique next to a fun hand puppet-or a retro orange plastic lamp. I hope you enjoy shopping with me. For any problems I am only an email away Please also always read my BUSINESS POLICY in each Listing before you bid and be sure you agree. I depend on your honesty as much as you do on mine. Thank you again.
$$ All maxwellvintage Customers are WINNERS $$.


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